What Do Fertilizer Label Numbers on the Bag Mean?

Understanding what you’re about to add to your soil can prevent you from accidentally harming the plants you want to help.

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SOURCEPatch of Earth
Patrick Sweatt grew up helping in his family's garden in North Carolina, and has been helping people grow ever since. As a student at Warren Wilson College he worked on the college farm, and after graduating went on to work on livestock and vegetable farms from Alaska to Maine. While much of his current work as a Cooperative Extension agent is devoted to home horticulture and gardening, he also has expertise with livestock. Patrick enjoys raised bed gardening at home, as well as distance running and spending time with his wife, Rosie, and their Irish Wolfhound, Lady.


  1. Patrick, I thought this was really informative. I didn’t realize that choosing fertilizer could be so technical. I wanted to try out gardening and this gave me a better idea of what I might need.


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