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46 Movies Set in Italy and Streaming on Netflix or Hulu Plus

46 Movies Set in Italy and Streaming on Netflix or Hulu Plus

These 46 movies set in Italy are mostly by Italian directors. They're all streaming on Netflix and Hulu Plus, as part of the Criterion Collection.
The Chianti countryside in Italy is gorgeous and worth the effort it takes to get to it

Chianti, Italy: How to Get There from Florence, with Pros and Cons

Getting to Chianti from Florence, Italy, means taking a bus, train, or renting a car. The option you choose depends on the adventure you want.
Grotta Palazzese is a hotel and restaurant in Puglia, Italy, located inside a sea cave

This Hotel Restaurant Inside a Grotto in Italy Looks Dreamy

Grotta Palazzese is an Italian hotel restaurant located inside a cave at the mouth of the Adriatic Sea, about 17 miles from the town of Bari in the Puglia region.
These 10 Italian foods and dishes are ones you don't want to pass up when you're in Italy.

The 10 Traditional Italian Foods You Must Eat It Italy

By eating these traditional Italian foods and tasting these dishes, you'll bring home memories of authentic Italy that you can't get by visiting museums.

5 Super Romantic Coastal Vacation Spots in Italy

Many places in Italy are romantic, but these five will make you feel like you're walking right into a novel where your own true love story is about to begin