15 Top How To Articles Shared on Facebook in 2016

Top 15 How To Articles Shared on Facebook 2016
These how to articles on Facebook have gotten the most interactions in 2016, from likes and comments, to shares.

Cautionary Tale: The Hidden Danger of Mercury in Old Houses

If you live in an old house, there may be a hidden danger lurking inside your floorboards: Mercury. We were shocked by a post on Jeff Kaufman's blog from a couple of days ago, where he details how he found a tiny puddle of mercury in his bathroom while he was working on a DIY renovation—and how it led...

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These DIY fire pits are easy to build and will save you a lot over hiring someone else to do the work.

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The 8 Absolute Best Cities to Live In the USA

To find the best cities in the USA to live in for 2015, we looked at results from 7 major, very different, "best of" lists.