This Airbnb in England Will Make the Hobbit In You Jump for Joy

The Jack Sparrow House exterior, Cornwall, UK
Photo by Outlandish Holidays

I’m always on the lookout for unusual Airbnb rentals, and this Jack Sparrow House in Cornwall, England, from Outlandish Holidays makes the Hobbit in me want to hit the road home. It costs 100 British pounds sterling per night (about $145 US dollars), and includes 1 bed for two guests total. It has a 5-star rating on Airbnb from 60 travelers. As the website says about the house, “We are almost as far south west as you can travel without going into the sea!”

Jack Sparrow House in Cornwall, UK, is near the beach
Outlandish Holidays

The views of Falmouth Bay are incredible! The house is also surrounded by the fields and orchards of Tregaminion. Plus, the beach of Porthallow is just 10 minutes away on foot, as is a pub “that does really good food.”

Living room at Jack Sparrow House in Cornwall, England
Outlandish Holidays

The living quarters are rustic, to say the least, but cozy in a very Bohemian way. There’s a small kitchen, built-in furniture, a composting toilet, electricity, and a sleeping loft. And yes, for my British friends, pets are allowed!

Jack Sparrow House shower in Cornwall, England, UK
Outlandish Holidays

Check out the shower inside a horse box! It shows just how much you can transform anything from absolutely simple to absolutely fantastical with some paint and imagination. 

For more information about this Airbnb in England, visit the listing for it. 


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